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Peoplecare and Permaculture

Looby Macnamara of Designed Visions sheds light on the role of Permaculture in personal and societal change

There is the perception in both experienced practitioners and beginners in Permaculture that it is mainly about land-based design. However, we need to do more than just plant trees to address the problems surrounding us.  If we are to truly turn them around we need to deepen our understanding of the potentials of Permaculture. How can we think and act deeply to change our own behaviours; embrace an abundance mentality; extend our connections with other people; strengthen our communities; widen the systems of society to be inclusive, nurturing and non-polluting; and ultimately to challenge the paradigms of fear, greed and scarcity which currently govern the global situation? How can we grow as humans? These are the questions we must find answers to in order to survive and thrive.

The principles of Permaculture are universal and can direct us to solutions: however, it takes thought and practice to translate them beyond the garden. Luckily there are limitless opportunities to apply them daily. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Whilst tidying we can identify 1 or 2 things we could move that would have the biggest impact on our quest for spacious, clutter-free homes – “minimum effort, maximum effect”.

Our projects will benefit when we harness our creative thoughts as they come – “catch and store energy”.

At work our job satisfaction can increase when we think beyond our pay check to other yields we can harvest, such as skill development, friends, exercise on the walk to work – “obtain a yield”.

Our thinking will naturally expand to using Permaculture principles in our relationships and community, and our horizons will grow to take in the bigger picture and how this too can be transformed. Shifts in our thinking and behaviour will ripple out.  Using Permaculture to improve our personal lives and affecting positive change in our relationships are all part of the peoplecare ethic.  Peoplecare, Earthcare and Fair Shares are intertwined at the core of Permaculture to guide us to a sustainable and just future.  We can go there if we travel together.

Looby Macnamara

“Peoplecare and Permaculture” – the next course:

25th Sept to 1st October 2010

at Ceridwen centre, Carmarthenshire, South Wales.

This course will provide a warm, nurturing heart space to explore how we can use Permaculture to help us grow and create abundance in our lives, relationships and communities.  We will be combining our talents, multiple skills, experiences and wisdom to create space for inner growth, relaxation and deepening into being a healthy presence in and for the world. This course is for anyone wanting to design a better life for themselves, for both those who have experience and people new to Permaculture.  Come and enjoy a fulfilling week of self-discovery, fun and games, singing and movement with like-minded people.

See for full details and contact: email Looby Macnamara at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 01981 240096 for bookings and queries

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