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This site has not been updated since 2014 and is being maintained as an archive for now. As time allows we'll be weeding out the dated material and presenting the many useful articles in a new format. We'd appreciate any feedback on what you find most useful on this site via our contact page.


Editorial: October 2009


When we are looking at plot design, the Permaculture approach is first to look long and hard at what is there and what is not there.  This guides our decision-making and gives us useful clues as to what is needed and appropriate.   In my garden, one of the things I noticed was the absence of nettle. Knowing how useful

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Editorial Sep 2009

Interesting Times

From a small idea in mid June, the formation of the Mid Wales Permaculture Network has been an astonishing story of growth – abundance even – on true Permaculture principles.

It all began with a request for

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What is Permaculture?

 What is Permaculture


Permaculture is a design approach based on observations of nature's systems. It is the conscious application of the principles of ecology to create sustainable human settlements.


Permaculture helps us to look at the world with a creative, positive and solutions-based approach; its insights can be applied in many contexts, such as in gardens, agriculture, communities and business.


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