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What is Permaculture?

 What is Permaculture


Permaculture is a design approach based on observations of nature's systems. It is the conscious application of the principles of ecology to create sustainable human settlements.


Permaculture helps us to look at the world with a creative, positive and solutions-based approach; its insights can be applied in many contexts, such as in gardens, agriculture, communities and business.


Nature as a teacher: Natural systems are self-perpetuating, abundant, diverse and dynamic. Permaculture is the art of getting the power of nature and natural abundance to work for you.

Permaculture encourages people to work together, and in line with this core principle, the Mid Wales Permaculture Network has been established to foster co-operation and information exchange between people in the region, and to empower incividuals and communities to achieve a greater degree of sustainability.


The Network aims to facilitate links between individuals, emcourage learning opportunities, information exchange and skill sharing, and support community resources such as seed saving.


Permaculture is exciting, inspiring and fun! If you become part of the Network, you will be able to make contact with other interested people, whether you are just beginning, have some experience already, or have developed a system that is an example of best practice from which others can learn.

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