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Ediitorial: July 2010

Inauguration of Permaculture Working Group for Wales

As reported on our forum recently, June saw the first steps towards  the setting up of the long hoped for Working Party for Permaculture in Wales. Kindly osted by Janys Rees at Llanyre near Llandrindod Wells, the day was a great chance for Permaculture Association members from all over Wales to come together and discuss ideas and visions, and to renew old acquaintances or make new connections.


WPG_800wLooby Macnamara from Designed Visions facilitated the meeting, and Andy Goldring from Permaculture UK presented an overview of the path taken by the recently formed Permaculture Scotland, which was very helpful in considering what steps might be appropriate for Wales.

Everyone agreed that the new structure should be part of Permaculture UK, but that it would enable increased funding opportunities for Wales as a devolved region, and give Permaculture more of a voice in WAG policy-making processes.

The group used the World Café process to look at issues and enable everyone to contribute. By the end an intensive and hugely satisfying day, a ‘task and finish’ group had emerged which will set the parameters for the next phase: implementation of the designed plan should begin in about six months. Fist steps will include a survey of Permaculture in Wales and the putting together of a green map which wiil include ‘edge’ organisations with overlapping interests.

The importance of an effective networking and communications vehicle was recognized, and Mid Wales Permaculture Network was congratulated on its work so far in this area, and for its contribution to bringing the aspiration for Permaculture Wales to this point.

In the picture – the ‘task and finish’ group: Anthony, Rhian, Mervyn, Martin , John, Steve, Julie, Chris, Jane, Chris , Roz. Lower; Janys, Van, Steve, Mandy, Sharon, Looby.

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